HB-EGF is a member of the EGF family of recently discovered one of the first growth factor with heparin affinity chromatography to separate from the macrophage-like U-937 cell-conditioned medium composed of 208 amino acid residues molecular weight of 20 ~ 22kD.HB-EGF gene is located on chromosome 5 and mouse chromosome No.18.HB-EGF expression in many organizations,including lung,heart,kidney,testis and skin.HB-EGF with cell surface heparin sulfate proteoglycan ( HSPG) and EGFR can stimulate cell proliferation and migration.In cell cultures,HB-EGF can promote a number of cells in mitosis,such as mice of BALB - 3T3 into fiber cells,rat liver cells,rabbit kidney epithelial cells,human keratinocyte cells and so on.