B-EGFmRNA and protein expression,in pregnancy d1,the expression of the HB-EGF is higher,the main distribution in endometrial cavity epithelial and glandular epithelium,pregnancy d2~3,the expression of the HB-EGF is very small,at the blastocyst before and after implantation,the expression of the HB-EGF is higher,and a regional distribution,mainly distributed in the lining of the uterus is film side cavity epithelial inside,and in between two blastocysts endometrial cavity epithelial expressed in the quantity is few,HB-EGF may be in mice blastocysts implantation in the process to play important regulatory role. In the pig endometrial cavity epithelium in a HB-EGF expression. In the womb macaques,HB-EGF mainly in endometrial cavity epithelial lining,glandular epithelium and expressed in the muscular layer,middle and embryo implantation in secretion before and after high quantity expression; In one endometrial proliferation in the expression of HB-EGF volume is low,and in secretory endometrium HB-EGF within the expression of high volume,and in the bed before (menstrual cycle d19 ~ 21) to peak,since then,the expression of the HB-EGF quantity and gradually reduce; In the proliferation of the period,HB-EGF mainly in endometrial expressed in the matrix,middle secretion in endometrial cavity epithelial cells top also have HB-EGF expression,HB-EGF in macaques and people may be blastocysts implantation also play an important role in the process