(1) of proprietary Chinese medicines Yixin Dan, Shexiangbaoxin pill, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is not appropriate and western medicine propafenone, quinidine same clothes, can lead to cardiac arrest.

(2) Chinese medicine tiger bone wine, ginseng wine, Shujin vibrant wine with western medicine luminal sedative painkiller same clothes enhance the inhibitory effect on the central nervous system and dangerous.

(3) Danshen tablets should not be used in combination with Weishuping Danshen tablets, the main ingredient is tanshinone, Salvia phenol to form aluminum conjugates can not be easily absorbed in the intestine, reducing the efficacy of aluminum hydroxide contained with Weishuping.

(4) kelp tablets should not be combined with isoniazid iodine kelp film, oxidation reaction occurs with isoniazid under acid conditions, the formation of isonicotinic acid halide and nitrogen, loss of the function of the anti-TB.

(5) active Dan Hong contiguous, Fritillaria Loquat syrup should not be used in combination with atropine, caffeine, aminophylline. Aconitum, Coptis, Fritillaria alkaloid-containing component due to the former, and the latter with the service, it is likely to increase the toxicity of a drug poisoning.