Epidermal growth factor is the body of an active substance, consisting of 53 amino living cells, by stimulating epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine phosphorylation, the skin surface cells to repair hyperplasia, is said to injuries,the loss of the epidermis has an excellent efficacy. Its greatest feature is able to promote cell proliferation and differentiation of new cells to replace the aging and dying cells. EGF can stop bleeding and accelerate the skin and mucosal wound healing, anti-inflammatory analgesic to prevent the effectiveness of the ulcer the stability of the EGF excellent, not easily separated flow at room temperature, and good coordination with the human body of various enzyme effect. The first EGF is mainly used in the medical field, mainly used to promote repair and regeneration of the damaged epidermis, such as the treatment of burns, burns and promote wound healing, repair of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and cornea injury, the efficacy is very significant.

      Growth factors is extremely complex, non-human to take the source of exogenous growth factor, into the impact study of the human body is not too much, the cumulative information is not enough scientific quantifiable representation, required longer years to mature, make sure

      EGF was discovered in 1962 by Dr. Stanley Cohen won a Nobel Prize in 1986.